What We Do
We take care of all your computer and tech related needs.
Serving Homes – I can come to you – Pickup and Delivery 
Affordable Service!! 

Anything Mac, Apple Tech and Windows PC Related!!

Here is a small list of services offered:

Network and Wifi Setup and troubleshooting.
Game Console Setup and Networking.
Give you advise based on my experience on purchases that fit your needs.
iPhone, iPad setup and networking
I can also advise you on Backing Up your Data!!

**I also train in use of Macs, Any iOS Device and PC’s**  

Low Cost Consulting Service – Are you overwhelmed by the vast array of Macs and PC’s out there?

Do you want honest advice from someone on your side NOT making a commission based on how      much you spend?                                                                              

 ** Fees are low and based on YOUR personal needs!!  I can come to you for a meeting and also join you in a trip to the store!

Dont call the Retail Stores before you call me!  

I Personally Care for every customer, you are NEVER a number, you are a Personal Friend who will be treated as such!!