About Me
I am a Mac Head to my core.

I started this service as a way to use my knowledge to possibly help people with any issues, alert people of new things going on and also to meet new people who might think differently than I do about any and all subjects.

I was born, raised and currently still live in NYS

I’ve served 9 1/2 years Honorably in the U.S. Navy where I was an Aviation Administrator and System Admin for my Detachment. I was in direct control and custody of 2 CH-46 Helicopters at any given time and sent out to sea aboard numerous Ships.
When Deployed to these ships I was responsible for creating and wiring our Computer Network, Backing Up the entire system (daily, weekly and monthly), ensuring network integrity and accounting for all life limited parts of the CH-46 Helicopters and the intervals at which they were to be replaced.

When I returned home I started my own side job called COMPUTECH. I fix a lot of peoples Windows PC’s and Macs alike. I started my side gig because I saw that a lot of people were getting the run around by local big stores and home taught techs while also being charged way to much and being taken advantage of because of the lack of tech knowledge. I am proud to say that I have a strong following and all of my customers have become or already were good friends of mine and feel completely comfortable with my teaching them while fixing their sacred PC’s and or Macs.